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Hi there! I'm 10-K Diver. I teach finance and investing concepts via Twitter threads. Here's a list of the threads I've created so far. If you like them, you may want to follow me on Twitter.

Dec 10 How Often Should We Check Stock Prices?
Oct 23 Diversification Basics: The Power Of Negative Correlations and Intelligent Re-balancing
Sep 11 The P/E Ratio
Sep 04 Profits vs Cash
Aug 28 Lindys vs Turkeys
Aug 21 Why A Long Re-investment Runway Matters
Aug 14 Saving vs Investing
Aug 07 How Cash Flow Timing Impacts Shareholder Returns
Jul 22 The Story Of Pi
Jul 09 How Businesses Die
Jun 28 The Trouble With Debt To Equity Ratios
Jun 26 Luck vs Skill, Certainty vs Upside
Jun 12 How Inflation Can Bring Down Business Returns
May 27 My Favorite Charlie Munger Quote: Why Quality Trumps Price
May 22 Protecting Ourselves From Inflation
Apr 19 The US Tax Code Is Kind To Investors
Apr 13 The Devil's Card Game
Apr 03 Income Statements
Mar 26 The Elements Of A Cockroach Portfolio
Mar 20 The Economics Of Internet Newsletters
Mar 06 The Art And Science Of Valuation
Feb 26 Recurrence Equations
Feb 05 Why And How To Read A Balance Sheet
Feb 04 What Can Horse Racing Teach Us About Value Investing?
Jan 22 The Magic Of Retained Earnings
Jan 15 Key Concepts Related To Compounding And Exponential Growth
Jan 08 The Volatility Tax
Jan 01 New Year, Old Financial Independence Concepts
Dec 18 Return Ratios (ROA, ROE, ROIC, ROCE, etc.)
Dec 11 Dividends vs Buybacks
Dec 04 Conditional Probabilities, Survival, Lindys vs Turkeys
Nov 20 Escape Velocity
Nov 06 Portfolio Optimization, CAGR/IRR Maximization
Oct 30 A Counter-Intuitive Thing About Share Buybacks
Oct 23 Shannon's Demon
Oct 12 Ed Thorp And His Statistical Arbitrage Insights
Oct 09 Warren Buffett's Pinball Machine Empire
Sep 25 Margin Of Safety When A Company Has Loads Of Debt
Sep 18 The Right Way To Calculate Inflation-Adjusted Returns
Sep 11 Capital Allocation Inside Businesses
Sep 05 Investing Lessons From Claw Machines
Aug 28 Asset Prices, Interest Rates, And Inflation
Aug 14 Generating Functions
Aug 07 Portfolio P/Es, Harmonic Means, And The Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality
Aug 01 Thinking Multi-Dimensionally
Jul 11 Counting Oranges
Jul 04 Earnings vs Cash Flows
Jun 27 Capital Turns And The Number e
Jun 20 Dividends
Jun 14 The Pitfalls Of Return On Equity (ROE)
May 30 Charlie Munger's Key Insight
May 22 Tax Deferred Compounding
May 15 Standard Deviation, Mean Absolute Deviation, and Fat Tails
May 08 Decision Fatigue
Apr 24 The Basics Of Retirement Planning
Apr 17 Markov Chains
Apr 10 Leverage
Apr 03 Volatility vs Risk
Mar 27 Earnings Growth vs Return On Capital
Mar 14 Lifestyle Creep
Mar 06 Calculating A Fair Price For A Wonderful Business
Feb 20 Towards Financial Independence: Setting Goals, Tracking Progress
Feb 13 Correlated Bets
Feb 06 Half Life
Jan 30 Geometric Expectations
Jan 23 Path Dependence
Jan 16 Binomial Thinking
Jan 09 The Birthday Paradox
Jan 02 State vs Flow Quantities
Dec 26 Snowballs
Dec 19 The Rule Of 72
Dec 12 Wonderful Businesses At Fair Prices vs Fair Businesses At Wonderful Prices
Dec 05 Investing vs Speculation
Nov 28 Investing & Inflation
Nov 21 Stock Based Compensation
Nov 14 Estimation Theory
Nov 07 Tail Risks
Oct 31 Same Store Sales
Oct 24 Depreciation
Oct 22 A Story About Warren Buffett's Grandfather
Oct 17 The Pitfalls Of Averages
Oct 10 Probability Distributions And Random Variables
Oct 03 Game Theory And Nash Equilibria
Sep 26 Look Through Earnings
Sep 19 Geometric Sequences
Sep 12 Understanding Inventory Turnover
Sep 05 401(k)s, Rebalancing A Portfolio Between Stocks And Bonds
Aug 29 Do You Need A Fund Manager?
Aug 22 Why Warren Buffett Likes To Hold Stocks Forever
Aug 15 How To Do A Reverse Discounted Cash Flow (Reverse DCF) Analysis
Aug 08 How To Do A Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Analysis
Aug 01 Stock Splits
Jul 25 How Much Money Do You Need To Retire?
Jul 18 How To Do CAGR/IRR Calculations
Jul 11 The Fundamentals Of Portfolio Diversification
Jul 03 How Mortgages Work
Jun 27 The Basics Of Options Trading
Jun 20 LTV vs CAC
Jun 13 Share Buybacks
Jun 06 Owner Earnings
May 31 Arithmetic vs Geometric Thinking
May 26 Covid-19 Testing And Bayes' Rule
May 24 The Kelly Criterion